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Spatial Visuals + Lighting for Music

in real-life and in virtual worlds, infinitely more fun
(We're raising a $3.5M seed round in July 2024)
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Vibes + Logic is a San Francisco based media and entertainment AI startup that's reinventing the way we enjoy music in our homes and in the Metaverse. We’re building the next generation of digital entertainment products and services that bring surround lighting and spatial visuals to music at home.

The Vibes + Logic creator ecosystem empowers music artists and visuals directors to create synchronized, immersive, cinematic expressions of their music—and effortlessly monetize them across digital and physical mediums. Our innovative platform, systems and methods are patent allowed as of April 2024, and we are raising a $2M seed round in June 2024 to propel our growth and further develop our transformative technology. 


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IRL/Physical: The Immersive Living Room

Turn any space into a harmonized vibes lounge, underground music venue, or a trance sanctuary. Enjoy spatial visuals and lighting in your home by connecting Vibes + Logic to your existing displays and smart-home lighting fixtures.

Venue Sync - screencast 2023-04-14 16-21-40-2


Digital/Virtual: XR Music Visuals

Explore visually-stunning worlds that express the emotion of music in a remarkable new way. Designed by artists and brought to life by you, Vibes + Logic's physical + digital experiences are the future of music.



Lumens 👀🎵 AI App

The Lumens AI app is the first phase of the Vibes + Logic platform ecosystem and infrastructure, available on Apple iPhones, iPads, M Macs, VisionPro, Google Android phones, tablets, and Chrome notebooks. Soon on your watch, and TV too.

AIs for Music Fans
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All-Star Team of Creative Entrepreneurs

The Vibes + Logic platform, creator apps, and marketplace are being built by physical + digital experience creators and entrepreneurs
Ivan Todorov

Ivan Todorov

Founder / CEO / Product

Creative product entrepreneur and startup advisor with two exits, M&A, and LP experience. 20+ years digital product and marketing agency operator (CEO/CTO). Bootstrapped to 120 FTEs and delivered 100s of mission-critical digital projects to Adobe, Live Nation/Insomniac, Google, Microsoft, FX Networks/FXNOW, Atari, Activision, Xbox, Vizio, Fisker, and Faraday Future. 170+ design and tech awards. 3D/CGI Undergrad. UCLA Anderson Executive MBA. Organized underground raves in the Bay Area while interning at SGI.

Matt Zeiger

Matt Zeiger

Patent Co-Inventor and Head of AI

Serial entrepreneur with several exits, 20+ years in digital marketing & digital product development. Former VP of Technology @ AMP Agency & FX NOW. Built VR content management SaaS, robotic rigs to automate AI training photo capture for Mattel’s HotWheels, open source AI/ML marketing technology for Google, and is a Certified Google Cloud Architect.

Evan Gunning

Evan Gunning

Head of Technology, Lumens AI

Serial entrepreneur, CPO and Engineering Manager at GOAT Group

Grant Skinner

Grant Skinner

Advisor, Technology Architecture & UX, Patent Co-Inventor

Founder & CEO at gskinner, a digital agency innovating for Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Disney, and EA

Koen De Poysseleir

Koen De Puysseleir

Advisor, Club and Festival Lighting Systems

Co-founder @EiG Live and TC-Supply / ShowKontrol, Tiësto's lighting and production director for 10yrs. Built music festival stages for Electric Daisy Carnival (LiveNation / Insomniac), Ultra, Coachella (AEG Presents), Tomorrowland, Pal Mundo, Groove Cruise, Dreamstate, and Lazerface 

Victor Goshfather

Victor "Goshfather" Tapia

Advisor, Artist Relationships and Music Production 

Touring DJ & music producer, content creator, web3 community builder, Twitch broadcaster. Social media manager for GTA (Good Times Ahead), formerly at Meta/FB

Leila Amirsadeghi

Leila Amirsadeghi

Advisor, XR Experience & Music Metaverse  Advisor

Principal Product Manager, Microsoft Mixed Reality, Metaverse Experiences & Events, Microsoft Mesh & AltspaceVR, co-creator of the Unreal Garden, a touring location-based mixed reality experience 

Alex Amado

Alex Amado

Advisor, Creative Consumer Insights, Go-to-market Strategy

17yrs at Adobe / VP of Marketing. SaaS Strategy, Brand Building, Demand Optimization, and Advertising. MBA Wharton alumnus

Richard Blakely

Richard Blakely

Advisor, Streaming & Infrastructure

Co-Founder @ Millicast, Influxis, and Xirsys. Streaming solutions for Dolby, Warner Media, NBCUniversal, NFL, Disney, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video

David Chen

David Chen

Advisor, Fan Insights, Immersive Tech, and Live Events

Director of IT @Cosm, Director of Technology @Insomniac/Live Nation, Blizzard, Overwatch League, Call of Duty League

AJ Joseph

AJ Joseph

Advisor, Creative Experience

Chief Creative Director at Adobe & Macromedia, Founder of Adobe’s in-house creative agency, Adobe Studio. 

Mart Biemans

Mart Biemans

Creative Director, Illustrator, and Digital Artist

Digital Artist, Illustrator, and Creative Director. 15 years of creative leadership for Adobe, Tiger Beer, Interscope Records, Diesel, HardRock Cafe, Heineken, Sony Music & Pepsi. Known for ultra-detailed and colorful work.

Nev Reeves

Neville Reeves

Advisor, Product Strategy

Partner of Innovation @TheoremOne, VP of Strategy @Rootstrap. Product strategy for Snoop Dogg, MasterClass, and Tony Robbins

Aaron Wahle

Aaron Wahle

Advisor, Entertainment Brands and IP

Sony Pictures, MGM, and start-up vet with 20 years of global IP leadership for The Amazing Spider-Man, James Bond 007 (Skyfall, Spectre), and Blade Runner 2049. Created and executed over 100 global media and marketing campaigns for movie studios including Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros

Agustin Rodriguez

Agustin Maria Rodriguez

Advisor, Web3 Digital Agency Entrepreneur

CEO and Founder @Way Too Digital, Co-Founder & CTO @ArchiTechTour, CEO & Co-Founder @COPE, Founder @Eventology Global

Christine Davis

Christine Davis

OG Marketing & Ops

Human Resources, Interior Design & Space Planning PM @Industrious