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Lumens Logo by MartBiemans

Music Superfan? We have a Lumen for you.

8,888 configurable AI hosts that can chat, speak, and visualize in HD


Lumens AI Featured Devices with VisionPro Centered
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Welcome to the Lumens πŸ‘€πŸŽ΅ AI metaverse, an early "alpha" of the ultimate music + visuals theme park where Humans + AIs co-create dream worlds to enjoy music.

The Lumens are digital cast members tuned to endlessly inspire, have fun, and make you laugh. Forget dull AI conversations that get boring at blazing speeds, and step up to infinite audio-visual delight with 8,888 highly advanced digital toys for music fans.

"There is a Lumen for That"

From digital twins to fictional guides for every task, the Lumens are equally bright, fun, and delightfully odd. Celebrating creator entrepreneurship, they come pre-configured with side-hustles, interests, skills, and passions from the fields of music, visuals, cinema, design, technology, and marketing.

There is a Lumen for That

Just pick a Lumen you vibe with and configure it as the best version of you, your wild best friend, your relationship coach, your language instructor, and your, well, anything really. All in the same app. Soon you'll be able to connect the Lumens directly to your own custom-trained assistants too.

Unlock More Time for Music with
AI Guides for Every Journey

Never start a project alone, stare at a blank page, or face an empty canvas. Crush your β€˜to-do’ lists with dedicated Lumens that help you get more done and master new skills.

Lumens AI Task Manager

Create with Focused Intent

Being intentional with the archetype you embody when creating can stimulate immersion, resilience, and growth. Setting archetypes results in more thoughtful Lumen responses and are often included when visualizing success.

Task Details

Generate Your Dream Worlds

Prompt, remix, and immerse in HD dream visuals co-created by humans and AI. Share them with music fans around the world to enjoy, like, and reuse, with Sora and Pika video coming soon. 

Generate AI Image

AI-generated + Human Curated
Social Media Feed

Experience a blend of AI co-creation and human touch on the Lumenosity timeline. Discover cinematic content curated by our community on a stress-free, thought-inspiring social media feed.

AI Generated, Human Curated

Design Your Music Sanctuary

Dive into a personal realm where music and creativity converge. Effortlessly blend community visuals with Lumen 'vibes' using intuitive controls for size, transparency, and placement. It's easier than ever to stage the ultimate audio-visual backdrop for your AI chats, or tunes playing in the background.

Design Your Music Sanctuary

Relax with Zen Mode

Transform each Lumen into a 1/1 connected light sculpture, akin to a digital lava lamp, with calm, mesmerizing, LoFi animations. 


No Pixel Left Behind with
Edge-to-Edge UI

Immerse in visuals with a new TikTok style edge-to-edge UI, designed to maximize screen real estate for a more enjoyable world-building and content experiences. With no pixel left behind, this new interface expands your creativity, opening up endless possibilities for immersive content.

Phoebe Edge to Edge

Talk and Listen: Introducing Voice-to-Voice

Interact with your Lumen like never before with a new voice-to-voice setting. When ON, simply speak, and your Lumen will respond with its configured voice and personality. 

Voice 2 Voice

Learn 34 Languages with 6 HD AI Voices 

Generate text-to-voice speech at variable speeds, remix as MP3s, FLAC, AAC or Opus files.

AI Speech Voice Configuration
AI Host HD Speech in allowy 1.2x tts-1 HD Flac

Diverse and Inclusive by Design

Whether configured as a digital persona, AI super fan, or an entertaining guide for every task, the Lumens celebrate the power of music to bring music fans together from all walks of life.

1596 Large
262 Large
2064 Large
7276 Large
1247 Large
8846 Large
5650 Large
7335 Large
59 2 Large
1354 Large
79 Large
PinkFloyd Large
Lumen-313 Large
Lumen-8139 Large
Red Large
7654 Large
1100 Large
1269 Large
1371 Large
2890 Large
81 2 Large
7798 Large
Trippy Large
Nev Reeves Large
84 Large
Lumen-2514 Large
Lumen-1591 Large
8461 Large
2293 Large
1361 Large
847 Large

Synchronized Across Devices

Available on Apple iPhones, iPads, M Macs, VisionPro, Google Android phones, tablets, and Chrome notebooks, the Lumens are everywhere you want them to be. Soon, they’ll be on your watch, and TV too.

Synchronized Across Devices
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Are the Lumens πŸ‘€πŸŽ΅ hand-drawn?

Yes, the Lumens were illustrated by world-renowned artist Mart Biemans (Netherlands) exclusively for Vibes + Logic. The collection was generated using Vibes + Logic's Creator Studio  experimental software.

Are the Lumens πŸ‘€πŸŽ΅ NFTs?

The Lumens started as a Free Mint NFT project project designed to capture early interest and build community around music + visuals. We are planning web3 features for the second half of 2024.


Building in public with Vibes + Logic