Oct 8, 2023 ยท 1 min read

Vibes + Logic unleashes OpenAI's ChatGPT on 8,888 Lumens ๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸŽต in a new Lumens AI app

Much like the AI hosts in Westworld, each of the 8,888 Vibes + Logic Lumens is a versatile AI entity that embodies its unique backstory, purpose, and personality metadata. Celebrating creator entrepreneurship, the Lumens come with AI-generated side-hustles, passions, skills, and interests related to music, movies, visuals, technology, design and marketing. Whether configured or trained as an artist's digital persona, AI super fan, or an entertaining guide for every task, each Lumen is tuned to endlessly inspire, have fun, and make you laugh.   

Lumens AI App Sreens 1

Unlike the AI hosts in Westworld, Lumen token holders will be able to โ€œrebootโ€ their Lumens into personalized configurations allowing customization of Lumen nicknames, backstories, favorite music artists, and personality traits (think Stephen Spielbergโ€™s A.I. movie). This utility empowers holders to experience and share their Lumens as AI โ€œmini-mes,โ€ create parody digital twins of their favorite celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, or unleash relentless AI super fans pushing the shows, music, and merch of their favorite artists.

When humans encounter Lumens in V+L apps and experiences, they will be able to switch between the Lumenโ€™s โ€œV+L cast memberโ€ and โ€œtoken holderโ€ configuration, unlocking novel immersive experiences. 

Lumens AI App Screens 2

Beyond upgrading each Lumen with AI brains, we're also reimagining them as web3-connected light sculptures, akin to digital lava lamps, each with unique calming animations, mesmerizing colors, and immersive vibes. 





Our next objective is to grow our pre-downloads. We have a one-time chance to climb the app store by converting all pre-download on launch day (thanks for the tip, Ken). At the time of this post we have over 2,100 unique ETH wallets holding Lumens and 15,000 followers on X. With web3 NFTs down 99% with this launch we anticipate convert our first few hundred registered users with this launch. 

Phase 1 was about getting the Lumens metadata and visual assets in, activating ChatGPT as one of our AIs running through the veins of V+L, and activating core plumbing for paid subscriptions, user referral tracking, and authentication. With the above in place, in Phase 2 weโ€™ll be focusing on monetizing digital experiences to help up bootstrap the company until we close our seed round. 

To meet the Lumens, pre-download the Lumens AI app while itโ€™s free:

To learn more, check out the team preview video below:

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