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Aug 19, 2022 · 1 min read

How We 400x Accelerated Generating 8888 Lumen NFTs From DAYS to Just 7 MINUTES

We wanted to share a bit about our #web3 R&D tech of how we accelerated generating a collection of 8888 Lumens from 2 DAYS to just 7 MINUTES, or 400x faster. This is an important upgrade to “do stuff at scale” with our PSD 2 NFT creator/importer tool, which imports NFT pixel layers along with their metadata into the cloud as assets and are made available for digital experiences. This means that static or dead NFT / #PFP projects can now be revived and have a “second life” (har har) by being transformed into a ✨ Vibes + Logic 🤖 music-activated light fixture and visualizer, allowing NFT communities to “vibe” with their PFPs while enjoying listening to music. The standalone PSD 2 NFT app will be available to Lumens NFT holders for free. We’re using the Lumens NFT as a verifiable software license key on the blockchain during collection generation and doubles as a strategy to drive secondary sales. We’re evaluating open sourcing the cloud functions, or converting them into a digital service/business for those who can’t deal with setting up Google Cloud accounts, and just want a responsive UI to preview/QA their collections, and configure advanced combination rules.

The PSD 2 NFT Creator/Importer Tool will be coming soon when we dox our CTO. Keep an eye out on @LumensNFT on Twitter!

If this is interesting for your favorite PFP projects, please share within those #NFT communities and alpha groups, we’re starting to evaluate launch partners for PFP music visualizers. for more info on the Lumens. for full article on LinkedIn.