Aug 24, 2022 Β· 2 min read

VibesCast #8: Vibes + Logic Announces No-code NFT Creation Tools for Creators, Brands, and Agencies

Built on Flutter3 and Google Cloud to generate NFT collections at scale in just minutes instead of days, early access is exclusively available to Lumens NFT holders.

Frustrated with janky web3 tools and manual workflows prone to human error, Vibes + Logic is releasing its internal web3 R&D and QA products (originally developed for the LumensNFT project) into a no-code NFT Collection Studio app. Our product is designed to help creators, brands, and agencies quickly go from Photoshop to a well-balanced and combination-confident NFT collection without a round-trip to devs. Our dev team should stay focused on securing and optimizing our smart contracts anyway :). 

To secure your early access license key for the September launch you must own one of only 8888 Lumens NFTs available for mint at A portion of the Lumens mint is re-invested into new feature development and UI/UX overhaul of the app.

The stand-alone app is built on Google’s latest multi-OS front-end technology, Flutter3, and gives you the ability to export and generate an NFT collection in the cloud in just minutes instead of days. The native standalone app is capable of generating 1 flattened NFT/PNG/JPG in as little as a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the image dimensions and the number of layers. 

V+L’s NFT Studio also includes the following features: 

  • Compatible with most NFT PFP Photoshop files 
  • Collection preview enables creatives to randomly assemble NFTs from a multi-layered Photoshop File (PSD), respecting combination rules and rarity settings you’ve established for each layer. This allows artists to interactively quality-check their collection, spot errors in real-time, and manually try, test, configure, and export different combinations.
  • Separate  JSON files for collection metadata and combination rules enable media generation at scale in the cloud, with thousands of assets created simultaneously in parallel. Cloud collection generation is about 400x faster than generating on a single PC, significantly accelerating artwork review cycles between artists, stakeholders, brands, and clients.
  • Set layer rarity settings using PSD layer naming convention 
  • Set layer order stacking using PSD layer naming convention 
  • A advanced rule editor gives artists creative control over what trait combinations are allowed, or not allowed, in their collections. For example, you can allow only blue lasers if the eyes are blue.
  • An Export Layer Groups feature combines tagged traits into flattened PNGs to enable faster Adobe Premiere and AfterFX animations of NFT marketing assets
  • PNG, JPG, and JSON serialized file generation with collection name and description metadata and optional filename prefix



The workflow and product was initially developed to enable quick testing for sophisticated color grading and transparency effects pioneered during the development of our Lumens NFT collection. We’ve recorded a quick video that demonstrates how to configure your Photoshop file, export PSD layers to PNGs using Photoshop-Export-Layers-to-Files-Fast Photoshop script and our NFT Collection Studio app. 

V+L is also developing an authentication layer using our NFTs as software licensing verification for Flutter apps using level 1 ETH blockchain, another utility/technology the Lumens will look to share with the world. Integrating a Lumens NFTs as a software license key doubles as a staking strategy to drive secondary sales. 

Thank you for your support, and we can’t wait to show you other tools, features, and apps we’re planning. 


The Vibes + Logic Team