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Jul 2, 2022 ยท 4 min read

Lumens ๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸŽต 2022 Roadmap (archived)

Last update: January 28th, 2023

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Each unique Lumen is an access pass to all synchronized, 3D, immersive music experiences that Vibes + Logic makes possible. Whether you love EDM festivals, rock concerts, or harmonized meditation sessions, Vibes + Logic will bring you deep into the soundscape with a visual music experience you have to see to believe.

As a free mint, the Lumens roadmap is contingent on the success of Vibes + Logic's seed round raise in Q1, 2023. To inquire about Vibes + Logic's seed round, we're gathering early interest from potential investors here: 


Join us in building the next generation of music visualization products and services powered by the latest Web3, AI, XR, and IoT technologies. Your Lumen bestows a host of powers:

  • Commercial license to your 4K color-graded Lumen PFP art
  • Premium access to V+L's music visualization products, digital services, and apps
  • Creator license to V+L's Creator Studio app for generative collections with optional enterprise support for 400x faster (minutes vs. days) cloud collection generation
  • Early access beta keys for smart-home/smart-lighting integrations
  • As an NFT collection project owner, you can transform your static PFP PSD into a stunning music visualizer for your holders powered by V+L visualization engines
  • Architected as an interoperable music-responsive PFP digital light fixture for other metaverses


Each Lumen comes with its own rare luminous powers โ€” traits designed by renowned artist Mart Biemans, but wielded by music-loving fans like you. Your Lumen doubles as your โ€œdigital twin,โ€ transforming your NFT into a music-activated โ€œlight fixtureโ€ inside the Vibes + Logic metaverse. Theyโ€™re intelligently synced - grooving, and vibing with you and one another - as you become immersed in audio-visual experiences with your favorite artists, music, and friends.

Using Vibes + Logic technology, your Lumen will illuminate your path to new and exciting music experiences, beyond your wildest imagination.


The Lumens NFT collection celebrates the power of music to bring fans together from all walks of life.

8x8 Grid


The design of each Lumen has been hand-crafted with cinematic color-grading and contrast applied to each layer, so itโ€™s enhanced for music visualization.





Q4, 2022

V+L Creator Studio Alpha Builds for macOS and Windows 

Lumens NFT holders get alpha and beta access and the software license to our internal and proprietary NFT builder app, as well as the advanced features we added to make the Lumens possible. Access to AMAs and tutorials with the Vibes + Logic dev team will help you go from PSD to NFT using our NFT builder app.


Q1, 2023 - Fundraising 

Vibes + Logic seed round fundraising takes place. We're gathering interest from potential investors here:

V+L Seed Seed Round

Complete Creator Studio v1 UX


--------[contingent on V+L seed round funding]--------

Q2, 2023 

  • Expand the V+L teams (UX, Design, Dev, Ops)
  • Launch Creator Studio v1 
  • Music-activated profile pictures
  • Publish monthly senior leadership interviews with Vibes + Logic advisors on new artist economies, music visualization, music production research & development, product development, technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship


Q3, 2023 

  • Develop Unity3D prototypes
  • Setup and activate the Lumens DAO
  • Artist LaunchPad - select 1 project/artist per month from the community and sponsor them to create assets to advance their careers. They must share their output with the community 
  • The Lumens recruit their favorite DJs - the Lumens select 50% of the first EDM artists invited to โ€œplayโ€ with Vibes + Logic tech and Vibes + Logic will choose the other 50%


Q4, 2023  

  • Upload any song you love and watch your Lumen vibe with advanced music visualization logic
  • Vibes + Logic releases NFTconnect utility and docs. NFTconnect will enable the conversion and linking of other NFT project PSDs to make them music-activated on the Vibes + Logic music visualization platform.
  • Lumens OTAA (over-the-air-airdrop) #1 ๐ŸŽŠ party favor loot box
  • Lumens in the Metaverse - Lumens Unity3D experience
  • Software to visualize music in the Metaverse 


Q1, 2024  

  • Platform all-access beta keys. Each Lumen is an all-access pass to the Vibes + Logic universe of experiences 
  • Amaze your friends by getting access to early builds and prototypes of Vibes + Logic technology. Youโ€™ll also receive exclusive early access invites - for your friends and family

Metaverse Visuals Course

  • All-access pass to Vibes + Logic Metaverse Visuals Courses

Metaverse Visuals Competitions

  • More to come!


Q2, 2024  


  • A metaverse festival with real-world music artists and audio/visual experiences created by real-life visual artists using Vibes + Logic technologies
  • The Lumens recruit their favorite DJs to play at the Lumens music visualization stages
  • Lumens music-activated crowd system prototypes will synchronize to the music (and each other)


  • DIY 3D-printing of your iconic Lumen to keep it close IRL
  • Lumens hoodies


Q3, 2024  


  • The "currency" for our fan-first experiences and artist-first economies
  • Staking gamified via NFT Builder App licensing model
  • Digital events/experience multi-passes, artist-first digital merch, proof of attendance (POAs) NFTs

Community Voted Event

  • Our community will vote to choose their favorite roadmap event / digital experience!

Vibes + Logic IRL Home Music Experience Prototypes

  • Access early Phydigital software and prototype experiences designed for common smart-home devices such as Hue, LiFX and Nanoleaf

The Vibes + Logic Team

Weโ€™re a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and industry experts working together to build the worldโ€™s most incredible music visualization systems โ€” for our smart homes and the Metaverse. Vibes + Logic filed patent application #63/178,983 on April 27th, 2021, a non-provisional patent on April 24th, 2022, and has been working on the AI that will power the Lumens.

To find out more about the team, please visit

[v2 update - Jan 28, 2023]

  • Updated with seed round funding timeline 

[v1.4 update - July 2, 2022]

  • Added NFT builder app video 
  • Add V+L Artist onboarding screens previews  

[v1.3 update - June 14, 2022]

  • NFT Builder Tool screenshots updated with Flutter 3 build 

[v1.2 update - June 11, 2022]

  • NFT Builder Tool screenshot 
  • Added Diversity and Inclusion by Design section 

[v1.1 update - May 15, 2022]

  • Updated patent info with the filing of non-provisional patent
  • Added teaser content of what's to come